Hi, welcome to Dankoart.com! 
I am Illustrator and Designer Matthew Danko.

I have always loved to draw faces and characters. When I was young my father had a Graphic Design and Illustration Studio in our home. It was exciting to be surrounded by art. Growing up in this creative environment inspired me to become a professional artist.  

I developed my drawing skills at the
Cooper School of Art as an Illustration & Design major. I studied Portrait and Life Drawing with amazing teachers who taught with the romantic and flowing drawing style of the Masters. The lessons I learned in art school still influence my drawings today as a professional Illustrator and Surface Designer.

I created this body of work to continue exploring the face and figure, which is the true essence of my art. These are some of
my favorites! I hope you enjoy them!

                                                                    Matthew Danko

                                                                    Matthew Danko